No Waste Mystery Craft Boxes


 Recently I looked at my crafting stock and decided I needed to unload some supplies and notions. Tiny superstar Marie Kondo has inspired me to release these boxes into the wild to bring you joy.

This listing is for ONE box filled with all sorts of goodies. Included might be rhinestones, large stones, beads, filigree, ring or earring bases, chain, ribbon, seashells, sequins, brooches and more. Photos are for reference only and do not represent each box. 

These are sold as is with returns not offered. Free domestic shipping. 

Small Box is a 8-11/15"(L) x 5-7/16"(W) x 1-3/4" (H) Box
Medium Box is either a USPS Priority Flat Rate 11x8.5x5.5" or 14.125x12x3.5" Box
Large  Box is either a USPS Priority Flat Rate 12x12x5.5" or 23.68x11.75x3.125" box