Dryad Blooming: Made to Measure Moodboard Gown

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 This nude illusion gown is made to your measurements. We have several shades for the nude illusion to make sure we match your skintone. 3D flower lace cascades across your chest. The puffy sleeves and flowy skirt are sheer and also covered in flowers

Changes that don't need prior approval:

  • This dress is able to be altered into a maternity gown. 
  • The sleeves can be open instead of cinched at wrist
  • Dress can be made as a separate top and skirt, or a one piece dress. 
  • Additional fee can be paid to line the skirt so it is opaque


Mood Board Gown FAQ:

What is a Mood Board Gown?
These limited-edition gowns are designed based on extra supplies I have in my storage. The mood board has the design sketch and photos of fabric and notions I plan to use. The gown will be created based on your measurements and the mood board in the listing.

What is the timeline on these?
Mood board gowns will be delivered within 6 months of ordering. 1-3 weeks before production begins on your gown I will contact you to double check your measurements.

The gown is sold out, can you list another one?
Only one gown per design is available at this price as the fabric is already on hand. If you are interested in the design you will need to fill out a custom order request.

Can the client make alterations to the design?
Minor alterations can be made on a case-by-case basis, certain alterations may result in an additional fee. Depending on your requests, (color, major additions, etc.) you may be directed to our custom order form. Any requests should be submitted prior to ordering if you are not interested without the changes. 

Will the designer make alterations to the design?
Minor design changes may need to be made based on how the gown flows while I am working on it. Any major changes will be run by the client before being implemented.

Will this fit me? 
The design was made to make sure the fabric I have available could fit up to a 5XL. I will use your measurements when I make the gown. 

Why are these priced differently than custom orders?
These gowns are priced at a lower rate for two major reasons. First, the fabric is already on hand. Second, these are passion projects and I really want to create them, but need to be paid for my time.

Are payment plans available?
Yes with a 15% deposit. More information and the link to request a payment plan can be found here.

May I order if I live outside of the US?
Yes, please enquire about international shipping. 

May I see examples of past Moodboard Gowns?