Custom Order Questions

I'm working on an FAQ for Moodboard and Mystery Gowns today. In the meantime, here is the email I am sending out to those who inquire via email:

Thank you for your interest in my custom work! Thanks to a video on Tiktok a lot of you are asking questions about my Mystery gowns and I wanted to have an easy place to share info:

Pricing: The prices for the next batch of Mystery Gowns have not been determined yet, there are usually a few price points that have different levels of detail. They will be announced before I go live on site.


  • I expect to open for a select few the last weekend of November.
  • My mailing list will be notified first. I have two lists. The one at the bottom of’s homepage is for everything Glimmerwood and usually goes out a couple times a month, includes sales, updates, and previews of upcoming products. This list will be notified when commissions are open.
  • The mailing list on this page will only be emailed when commissions are available (Mystery Gowns, Moodboard Gowns, and Full Custom Orders)
  • My slots for custom orders are extremely limited, usually sell out within a few days, and currently book about a year in advance.


Thank you again for your interest and hope to see you around more!