Giant Toadstool Plush

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Plushie painstakingly* hand crocheted for my Toadstool Time Photoshoot. Can stand independently with some balancing talent. 

This plush is HUGE, standing at about 40" and weighing almost 12 pounds. It's stuffed with poly full and has a sturdy cardboard roll inside to help stand it up. 

All of the toadstool plushies are one of a kind photoshoot props that were handmade by Cassie Wanda. As they are handmade, minor flaws are to be expected. Acrylic yarn, spot clean as necessary. These are sold as-is with no returns or exchanges available. They will not be restocked. 

 *No really, making this thing physically hurt. The yarn was difficult to work with and I had to move my whole arm for each stitch since everything was so big!