Saucer Skirt

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When simple just isn't good enough for you!

This fluffy, floaty, dream skirt is the Tea Party Dress's Best Friend! Built to let you decide how puffy you want your dress to go, this skirt gives a little extra oomph to your favorite mid-thigh length skirts. When you spin, it floats up just like a teacup saucer!

You can pair with our Teacup Bloomers, Tea Party Dress, and the Sugar Bow for a look as unique as you are, or wear it on its own for a sheer summer skirt. 

Color: Right now the Saucer Skirt is only offered in a snowy white. 

Production Changes: Due to a mixup with shipping and time crunch, the skirts in the photos are samples that were made quickly for the shoot. So we're making a couple changes in production to make them perfect for you, including making the waistband look much nicer and raising the hem about an inch. Photos coming as soon as they are available!

Fit: Because of the elastic in the waistband, these are forgiving in fit. If you are in between sizes, you can choose based on a direction your measurements fluctuate, or if you'd like a little extra fabric in your twirl. Check out our fit guide for an idea how they fit on different bodies

  • Tiffie (in lilac) is wearing our size G-I. She is 5'4 with a 49" bust and 37" waist.
  • Alisa (in lemonade) is wearing our size A-B.  She is 5'7 with a 33" bust and 26" waist.
  • Rhapsody   (in mint) is wearing our size J-K. She is 5'2 with a 44" bust and 49" waist.
  • Lauren (in strawberry) is wearing our size C-D. She is 5'4 with a 36" bust and 28" waist.

Creation: The Saucer Skirt is fabricated with love in Sunny California. I have meticulously hand-picked all the fabric, designed, prototyped, and oversaw the patterns for this dress. I take pride in working with local pattern makers, graders, cutters, stitchers, and factories to bring you the best quality from local manufacturers.

Care: The skirt's waistband is a 65% Polyester/35% Cotton blend and the layers are 100% polyester. We chose the waistband fabric for comfort. No itchy skirts here! Best of all? Easy to clean. You can hand wash or throw it in a machine on delicate and cold! (Please hang dry or lay flat for a longer lifespan.)