The Magician's Musings Deck

60 cards make up this unique Tarot companion deck centered around intuition and critical thinking. It is a deck designed for discovery, not just memorization and is compatible with any Tarot decks. It comes in a blue satin bag embossed with the Glimmerwood wax seal and a useful guide and idea book for you. 

 Magician's Musings Deck can be used for:

  • A Learning or Journaling Tool: While studying a Tarot card you can pull a handful of Magician’s musings cards to think about how you might relate to the card in different scenarios. A lot of the cards invite you to look at them closer to see what the artist intentionally put in the card and how you can interpret that in your readings. 
  • Spread guides: Many common spread placements are included in the deck, so you can lay out the tarot cards with the Magician’s Musings cards to establish placements for a beginner or for a querant who wants to easily follow along.
  • Spread Creation: Time to get creative! Either randomly or intentionally, mix and match the cards into new spreads. Experiment with shapes and placements to make something uniquely you.
  • Guided Readings: How many querants go to a Tarot Reader without a question in mind (Hi, it’s me, I’m the querant before I started studying Tarot) A quick shuffle and pull can give ideas for a focus in your next reading. 
  • A Content Creation Tool: Are you building your Tarot Business online? Show potential querants how you personally connect with the cards. Help grow your audience by making short videos. Start by pulling a card from Magician’s Musings and then a card from your Tarot deck. From there you can discuss how they relate or what you would tell your client if it came up in a reading. Color or symbolism come up? Share the potential meanings of the symbols or colors that are prominent in the card.


More on the story behind the creation:

"During my Tarot Journey, I have really resonated with the Magician, in both my love for manifestation and creation and my need (or desire) to have tools to help me succeed. From that, the Magician’s Musings was born. This deck will help lead you in thoughtful study and practice with your Tarot cards.

The cards work with any Tarot deck, you can get to know a Rider Waite Colman Smith deck as well as Thoth, Tarot de Marseilles, or any creative decks in your collection." - Cassie Wanda, the Magician behind the deck