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The Magician's Musings Deck

60 cards make up this unique Tarot deck centered around intuition and critical thinking. It is a deck designed for discovery, not just memorization and is compatible with other Tarot decks. It comes in a blue satin bag embossed with the Glimmerwood wax seal and a useful guide and idea book for you. 

More on the story behind the creation:

"During my Tarot Journey, I have really resonated with the Magician, in both my love for manifestation and creation and my need (or desire) to have tools to help me succeed. From that, the Magician’s Musings was born. This deck will help lead you in thoughtful study and practice with your Tarot cards.

The cards work with any Tarot deck, you can get to know a Rider Waite Colman Smith deck as well as Thoth, Tarot de Marseilles, or any creative decks in your collection." - Cassie Wanda, the Magician behind the deck