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Cassie Wanda

About Cassie Wanda

From a young age, Cassie Wanda dreamt of creating her own fantasy worlds. Throughout her formative years, her love of fairytales and costuming were the special seeds that grew into what would become Glimmerwood. This whimsical brand has become Cassie’s way of sharing her creative enchantment with the world. 

Inspired by fantasy stories as well as the everyday objects around her, Cassie finds great joy  in weaving these bits of magic into the gowns and accessories that she creates. It is her greatest honor to invite you into her fantastic fairytale world to be part of the story, too.

Photo by @simplysavannahart


About Glimmerwood

While originally starting as a blog (and an outlet for Cassie to express her creativity and share her ongoing projects) Glimmerwood made a big splash in the cosplay community in 2013 by adding a distinctive touch of whimsy to their costumes. As Glimmerwood moved to creating more bespoke and custom-made gowns, this attention to detail soon became a distinctive trait that has since caught the attention of a diverse and worldwide audience. 

In 2021, Glimmerwood introduced their first original line of ready-to-wear dresses. They partner with local cutters, pattern-makers and factories to ethically bring Cassie’s fairytale-inspired designs to life, with many more projects planned for the future.

Glimmerwood’s gowns have been featured in music videos, news outlets, celebrity events, and even at Sanrio’s Hello Kitty Con.Whether your heart lurks in the deep, salty depths of the ocean or flits amongst the ripples of the clearest freshwater springs, allow Cassie’s creative, swirling imagination to manifest the gown of your dreams