It's a Mystery!

Some of my most popular gowns throughout the years have been ones where I just pinned fabric, played with notions, and let inspiration take over until something lovely was born. By popular demand, I have made them available for purchase.
How it works:
  • A Mystery Gown listing is purchased
    • Payment Plans are available
  • You get 1 line in the sand ask
    • Such as "include sleeves" or "suitable for underwater"
    • Requests for character cosplays will not be accepted
  • You provide measurements and social media.
    • You will also fill out a short questionnaire and be invited to share Pinterest or other inspiration boards with me.
  • I make a gown!
    • I use all the information I've been given to make something I hope you will treasure for years to come.
    • You can decide whether to see photos before or unbox a complete mystery!
These are only available once or twice a year. If you are interested in being updated when they are available, please sign up for our email (Fairy Circle) below! Next opening expected in Spring 2022