No Waste Mystery Fabric Boxes

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I often get asked, "where do you buy your fabric?" Mostly is downtown Los Angeles- a place not easily accessible to many designers. Recently I looked at my backstock and decided I needed to unload some fabric and notions. Tiny superstar Marie Kondo has inspired me to release these fabrics into the wild to bring you joy.

This listing is for ONE box filled with different fabrics. Some cuts are as much as several yards, some a few inches. Included may be silk, beaded lace, spandex, satin, sequins, tulle, cotton, faux fur, velvet, ribbons- really almost anything! Each box is different and will be a complete and fun addition to your craft room when it gets to you. Have fun creating something unique and exciting!

Grab the "Doll Sized" Listings for mostly smaller sized cuts. Perfect for doll clothing making! 

These are sold as is with returns not offered.

Medium Box is come in a USPS Priority Flat Rate 11x8.5x5.5" or 14.125x12x3.5" Box
Large  Box is come in a USPS Priority Flat Rate 12x12x5.5" or 23.68x11.75x3.125" box