Inspired Gown featuring Idolatrē Unicorn Ears and Horn

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Maybe someday is coming 2024.

Over the years, we have gathered bits of magic to inspire gowns with a projected deadline of “maybe someday!”  This happens with fabric, notions… and sometimes another artist’s beautiful work.

These magic accessories are finding their home in this new line of gowns. Come delight in the gorgeous Inspired Accessories we have collected. If you choose, we will create a custom gown for you inspired by the artist’s work and when it's done, you will get the gownand the Inspired Accessory.

Inspired gowns are a hybrid of Glimmerwood’s Moodboard and Mystery Gowns. Like Moodboard Gowns, you will get a feel of the gown ahead of time: colors scheme, maybe some fabrics, but most important of all the Inspired Accessory. Like Mystery Gowns, you will put extra trust in me without knowing exactly what your gown will look like at the end.

About This Inspired Accessory: 

I found Idolatrē through my friend, Creature of Habit. I saw it and immediately I *had* to be a unicorn with ears and a gorgeously sculpted horn. But, it's been 3 years and this box needs a purpose beyond "maybe someday." So let's make you a unicorn!

Inspired Accessory purchased from: Idolatrē

Instagram:  @idolatre

How Inspired Gowns Work:

  • Browse the Inspired Accessories and mood boards in our shop.
  • Select your chosen Inspired Accessory
  • Choose your price range. Delightful Gowns are our simplest most budget friendly gowns and Extravagant are the most detailed and time-consuming gowns to make. (See FAQs for more information)
  • Purchase either directly through the shop or submit a request for a payment plan here.
  • After the purchase is made or a deposit has been placed, you will shortly receive a questionnaire. This will help me make sure the gown is perfect for you. You can tell me things like your modesty comfort, any particular details you love or dislike, and what your general style is.
  • A month or two before your gown begins production you will receive a measuring tape and instructions on sending your measurements.
  • Your gown will go into production! It’s up to you whether you receive progress photos or not.
  • When it’s done, you again have the option to see the final piece or go for the full mystery experience and see it when you open your package! 

Other Notes:

  • More Inspired Accessories will be available that can be booked. Hopefully more slots will be available later as our schedule allows!
  • Photos of gowns in the listing are for examples of level of detail only. They do not reflect what you will get in your mystery package.  
  • Clients will get one “MUST” for the gown (e.g., MUST include sleeves, MUST have a train, MUST NOT have pink. Any additional “musts” should be discussed prior to purchase.) See more details in FAQs.
  • Most custom gowns are shipped, measurements are taken remotely.
  • Gowns are unable to be put on hold.
  • All of the Original Artists are credited. If you fall in love with an accessory please browse their shops and follow their social media accounts!  

Inspired Gowns FAQs

What are Inspired Gowns? 

They are multi-tiered (multiple price point) gowns based off of an Inspired Accessory by another Artist. Our Fairy Godmother will work with you to bring the design to life, matching your measurements and price point.

What is the difference between pricing? 

  • Delightful Gown 
    • Valued no less than $2200
    • This is more likely to have some illusion netting or other non-corset design (not guaranteed)
    • Detail will be light touches
    • Gown will match the vibe and be compatible to wear with the Inspired Accessory.
  • Marvelous Gown 
    • Valued no less than $3500
    • This is a toss-up between corset and illusion netting (not guaranteed)
    • Moderate detailing
    • Gown will match the vibe and be compatible to wear with the Inspired Accessory.
  • Spectacular Gown
    • Valued no less than $5000
    • This is more likely to have a corset than illusion netting (not guaranteed)
    • Lots of fun details
    • Gown will match the vibe and be compatible to wear with the Inspired Accessory.
  • Extravagant Gown 
    • Valued no less than $7000
    • This will most likely be corseted (not guaranteed)
    • Extra pieces will be likely (gloves, cape, sleeves, etc.)
    • Detail will be a focus 
    • Gown will match the vibe and be compatible to wear with the Inspired Accessory.

What is the timeline? 

These gowns will be completed within12 months. Within 4-8 weeks of production starting on your gown, we will reach out to confirm measurements. 

The Inspired Accessory I want is sold out. Can you list another one?

We only have one of each of the accessories so additional Inspired Gowns will not be made available. HOWEVER, the artists we purchased the accessories from are listed and we highly encourage you to patronize them directly.

Are Payment Plans available? 

Yes, with a 15% deposit.More information can be found here.

Do you ship internationally? (We are based in the US)

Yes, but you will be responsible for any and all custom fees charged by your country. We are unable to lie about pricing on customs forms. 

Will you make this in my measurements?

Gowns can and will be made to the client’s measurements. Yes, even you. No there isn’t an upcharge for any body type.

What is this “One must”?

  • You get ONE must:
    • Examples of requests allowed:
      • Please include sleeves
      • Suitable for underwater
      • No bare stomach
      • Train specifications
      • Vague idea of concept (fairy, mermaid, etc)
      • Request to leave out a specific color
      • Color families you are drawn to (e.g., cool colors, pastels, dark, etc)
    • Examples of requests that aren’t welcome
      • Cosplay, character, or fandom specifics
      • Specific color or theme requests (e.g., must be pink, Renaissance era, etc) 
      • Fabric specifications
      • Sketches or references to other gowns
    • If you have questions about what counts as an "must" please contact me prior to purchase. Requests beyond the one may result in additional fees or cancellation of your order.