Lady Escher - Limited-Edition Mood Board Gown

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Glimmerwood's Mood Board Gowns are back with a new twist! Our Fairy Godmother has been experimenting with AI and Photoshop to bring you these dreamy gowns. Act quick - while we have many to choose from, we can only book a small amount of gowns due to our limited time available. 

Lady Escher - Drama in a dress!

"One of my favorite AI "mistakes" I fell in love with this wonky laceup front and really want to bring this dramatic gown together with epic amounts taffeta." - Our Fairy Godmother, Cassie Wanda


  • Delightful - No sleeves, no overskirt (one color on skirt), simpler skirt.
  • Decadent - Sleeves OR overskirt. 
  • Extravagant - "I want that!" We will work hard to create a gown as close to the concept art as possible. 

Changes that don't require prior approval:

  • Changing Sleeves to Cape
  • Changing Colors

Mood Board Gown FAQs: 

What are Mood Board Gowns? 

They are multi-tiered (multiple price point) gowns based off of enchanting concept art designs. Our Fairy Godmother will work with you to bring the design to life, matching your measurements and price point.

What is the difference between pricing? 

  • Delightful: Lowest Tier, Most Budget Friendly; The design will be brought to life as a simpler design (likely no corset, sleeves, or cape. Will have minimal details, etc.) but will match the vibe of the chosen concept art.
  • Decadent: Middle Tier, More Details; The design will be brought to life with some detailing (bodice detail, but maybe no hem detail. Sourced fabrics similar to concept art, etc.). It will not be exactly like the concept art, but is a great option if the design speaks to you and the price is better suited to your budget. 
  • Extravagant: Highest Tier, "I want that!"; The design will be made as close to the concept art as possible. Greatest level of detailing and construction.

What is the timeline? 

These gowns will be completed within 12 months. Within 1-3 weeks of production starting on your gown, we will reach out to confirm measurements. 

Can alterations be made to the design? 

In general, minor alterations can be made case-by-case without additional charge. However, depending on the request, you may be quoted for a new price (major additions, color change, etc.). We request changes are submitted or inquired upon before ordering. Any major alterations made by the designer will be run by the client before implemented in the design.

The gown is sold out. Can you list another one?

Given the great time commitment and other products needing attention from our ever-busy Fairy Godmother, new listings will not be made available as part of this collection. If a spot opens up, it will be made public.  

Are Payment Plans available? 

Yes, with a 15% deposit. More information can be found here.

Do you ship internationally? (We are based in the US)

Yes, please enquire about international shipping.

 May I see examples of past Mood Board Gowns? 

Here are some designs that have been brought to life!



 As per any of our gown designs, mood-board gowns in particular, there is no guarantee of exactly how the design will be brought to life. We pride ourselves in our Fairy Godmother's abilities, but ask that you understand that the concept art will likely not translate exactly into a real-world creation.