Promenade Collection

Inspired by Ellen Mirojnick’s fantastical take on Regency Fashion
in  Netflix’s Bridgerton, I decided to honor the iconic era in my own
artistic way with this new celestial collection with pre-orders
launching Thursday, September 9th!

Large Crescent Moon Circlet
Large Crescent Moon Circlet $36.00
North Star Hair Pin
North Star Hair Pin $16.00
Capella Star Circlet
Capella Star Circlet $32.00
Small Crescent Moon Circlet
Small Crescent Moon Circlet $32.00
Little Constellation Headband
Little Constellation Headband $24.00
Celestial Splendor Crown
Celestial Splendor Crown $40.00
Hair Constellation
Hair Constellation $60.00
ADD-ON: Custom Promenade Hem
ADD-ON: Custom Promenade Hem $60.00