ADD-ON Make My Siren Scale Cape Epaulettes Bigger

What is this Add-On?

It is a chance for your to add drama to your Custom Siren Scale Cape where we upgrade your 7" Siren Scale epaulettes to 8" here.

Colors we can accommodate: 

  • Barbados (Kariel)
  • Bimini (Kariel)
  • Jade (Kariel)
  • Midnight Black (Kariel)
  • Mixed Gold
  • Obsidian (Kariel)
  • Pearl (Kariel)

Additional Notes: 

  • If we do not have enough scales to upgrade in your color, we will mix with other colors as best we see fit.
  • This is an add-on item! It must be purchased with Custom Siren Scale Cape

Payment Plans?  See our payment plan information here

Additional Questions? Please email with any questions about upgrading your epaulettes. We will get back to you as soon as possible!