Marvelous Mystery Gown - Created with PURE Imagination

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They’re baaaack …

Glimmerwood Mystery Gowns!

Some of my most popular gowns throughout the years have been ones where I just pinned fabric, played with notions, and let inspiration take over until something lovely was born. 

How it Works:

  • You purchase a Mystery Gown and choose your level
      • Delightful Gown 
        • Valued no less than $2200
        • This is more likely to have some illusion netting or other non-corset design (not guaranteed)
        • Detail will be light touches
      • Marvelous Gown 
        • Valued no less than $3500
        • This is a toss-up between corset and illusion netting (not guaranteed)
        • Moderate detailing
      • Spectacular Gown
        • Valued no less than $5000
        • This is more likely to have a corset than illusion netting (not guaranteed)
        • Lots of fun details
      • Extravagant Gown 
        • Valued no less than $7000
        • This will most likely be corseted (not guaranteed)
        • Detail will be a focus 
    • Payment Plan Information
      • Payment plans are available with a 10% deposit and can be spread out over 12 months. 
      • Please follow directions carefully
  • You get ONE ask:
    • Examples of requests allowed:
      • Please include sleeves
      • Suitable for underwater
      • Suitable for wings
      • No bare stomach
      • Train specifications
      • Vague idea of concept (fairy, mermaid, etc)
      • Request to leave out a specific color
      • Color families you are drawn to (e.g., cool colors, pastels, dark, etc)
    • Examples of requests that aren’t welcome
      • Cosplay, character, or fandom specifics
      • Specific color or theme requests (e.g., must be pink, Renaissance era, etc) 
      • Fabric specifications
      • Sketches or references to other gowns
    • If you have questions about what counts as an "ask" please contact me prior to purchase. Requests beyond the one may result in additional fees or cancellation of your order. 
  • You provide your measurements and social media 
    • I’d like to see you and your style on a public profile before making your gown. You never know what might inspire me!
    • There will be a questionnaire sent to you so I may get to know you better.
    • I’ll send a request for measurements a couple weeks before I start production on your gown to make sure they are up to date.
  • I make your gown!
    • I will make a gown that is driven by pure inspiration to your measurements
    • It will be delivered no later than 12 months of your order
    • You can decide whether you see photos before I ship it or live the full mystery experience!

Other Notes:

  • There will be a limited number of these gowns available for purchase. When the limit is reached all the gown listings will be sold out and no additional gowns at this rate will be offered. I do expect them to sell out quickly, so please keep that in mind when planning your purchase!
  • Explanations under gown details are for a basic idea, as these are mystery gowns, what you get is going to be a mystery no matter what! I might be experimenting with new techniques or silhouettes I’ve been looking forward to.
  • Photos in the listing are for examples of level of detail only. They do not reflect what you will get in your mystery package.