Custom Siren Scale Cape

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Our Siren Scale Cape is a striking and shimmery addition to your favorite mersona with captivating mermaid scales and custom-dyed scale lace. 



  • We expect these capes to take 3-4 months for completion. If anything changes, you will be notified as soon as possible.

Additional Notes: 

  • This listing is priced as a 2-color ombre (3 if you would like a pale version of one of the other colors!).
  • You can add additional colors if you would like, see add-ons listing for more information.
  • Pearls and rhinestone detailing are included, but can be removed on request.
  • If you want a different color scale and can provide it, please enquire.
  • If you want to mix and match some scale colors, please enquire about additional fees. 
  • There are two different shapes of Mythic Scales. Kariel Scales are the little seashell like shapes while Mythic are the more "fish scale" type shape. The Kariel ones are a little smaller, so I can spread them out as shown with extra pearls and rhinestones, or make your epaulettes a little smaller to have the scales more concentrated. 
  • Our cape’s design was inspired by scale mail cape and utilizes FinFolk’s captivating mermaid scales. Photos of scales used courtesy of 

Additional Add-On Options:

  • Additional colors
  • Silver & pearl chain is standard. A gold chain with pearl is an additional charge and gold without pearls is available. 
  • Larger epaulets for extra drama.
  • 8" Upgrades are currently available for the following colors:  
    1. Barbados (Kariel)
    2. Bimini (Kariel)
    3. Jade (Kariel)
    4. Midnight Black (Kariel)
    5. Mixed Gold
    6. Obsidian (Kariel)
    7. Pearl (Kariel)

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Additional Questions? Please email with any questions. We will get back to you as soon as possible!