Lemonade Tea Party Dress

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Would you care to join me for a Tea Party? 

Featuring the twirliest skirt you’ll ever have, this dress boasts a flattering V-neck, pockets, deliciously puffy sleeves and a generous back zipper so you can simply step inside instead of needing to pull over hair and makeup.

A delightfully lightweight and high quality frock, the Tea Party dress was designed to be worn over and over, but never the same way twice. Dress it up or dress it down, to stand out in the cutest way imaginable.  You can pair it with our Teacup Bloomers, Saucer Skirt, and the “Sugar” Bow for a look as unique as you!

It is also perfect to wear on its own for a perfect summer dress. 

Colors:  Our Lemon Yellow is a bright and cheery gingham print. Pairs well with all colors in our Tea Party Collection 

Production Changes: The dresses in the photos are samples, we are making a few changes in production, including removing the center seam and adjusting the elastic in our arm bands.

Fit: Flattering on most body shapes and all sizes. Check out our Tea Party Fit Guide to see them on a variety of people! 

  • Tiffie (in lilac) is wearing our size G. She is 5'4 with a 49" bust and 37" waist.
  • Alisa (in lemonade) is wearing our size C. She is 5'7 with a 33" bust and 26" waist.
  • Rhapsody  (in mint) is wearing our size J. She is 5'2 with a 44" bust and 49" waist.
  • Lauren (in strawberry) is wearing our size D. She is 5'4 with a 36" bust and 28" waist.

Creation:  The Tea Party dress is fabricated with love in Sunny California. I have meticulously hand-picked all the fabric, designed, prototyped, and oversaw the patterns for this dress. I take pride in working with local pattern makers, graders, cutters, stitchers, and factories to bring you the best quality from local manufacturers.

Care: The dress is a 65% Polyester/35% Cotton blend, creating a breathable airy fit that practically floats while being worn. Best of all? Easy to clean! You can hand wash or throw it in a machine on cold. (Please be sure to hang dry or lay flat for a longer lifespan!)  This fabric is perfect for pinning bows, flowers, and other types of pinned accessories. If you are gentle when pinning decorations on, taking pins off, and ALWAYS remove anything pinned before washing, you'll never even notice it was there.