ADD-ON Custom Dye Job

What is this Add-On?

  • It is an additional cost customization opportunity to have our Professional Fairy Godmother hand-dye your Fantasy Skirt, Siren Scale Cape, or request an additional dye job on a Jellyfish Gown!
  • Each skirt, cape, and gown is hand-dyed and one-of-a-kind. 
  • This listing acts strictly as an upgrade for our product. 

What are my choices? 

  • You have the option to choose from Soft to Vibrant Pastels or Dark or Bold Colors. The pricing depends on how many colors you select and the depth of color you would like your skirt to have (how bold, how dark, etc.). 


  • Fantasy Skirts: 6-10 weeks to ship (slightly longer timeline than if purchased without custom dye job).
  • Capes: 3-4 Months (same as if purchased without custom dye job).
  • Jellyfish Gowns:  4-6 Months (same as if purchased without custom dye job).

Additional Notes:

  • The Fantasy Skirt’s material works best with Soft to Vibrant Pastels
  • Bold or Dark Colors are more expensive as they require multiple dye sessions, more dye, and occasionally the addition of fabric paint. If we have any issues producing your color-combo, we will reach out to you.
  • As these pieces are hand-dyed, minor flaws may be present. That being said, we will never send out a skirt that we are not happy with.
  • It is recommended you hand-wash and hang-dry after the skirt is dyed. DO NOT put it in the dryer!

Payment Plans? See our payment plan information here

Additional Questions? Please email with any questions about our Custom Dye Jobs. We will get back to you as soon as possible!