Fantasy Skirt (Made to Order)

The Fantasy Skirt is a gorgeous, flowy, and dyeable skirt that can be worn on its own or act as the perfect base for any whimsical creation.


  • Please order by where you want the skirt to sit on your waist, either your high or relaxed waist. 
  • 40" Long. You may send an email about a custom hem or enquire about a custom skirt made longer for you. 


  • Made of Nylon and Rayon to allow for ease of dyeing with most store-bought dyes. We like RIT!
  • The nylon layer of the skirt is very delicate, so please be cautious when in outdoor settings to avoid snagging

Care Instructions: 

  • Machine wash on COLD
  • Hang to dry
  • DO NOT put in dryer.

Upgrade: If you would like us to custom dye your skirt, please check availability and pricing here.

Other Notes: The last photo has the skirt over a hoop skirt for an idea of other ways you can shape it.