Promenade Amongst the Stars Silk Sash (No Restocks)

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Shall we Promenade?

This versatile silk sash is the cherry-on-top to the Promenade Under the Stars and Promenade To the Moon Gowns, but can be used to compliment other pieces or even worn in your hair!

A pleated front opens into a large ribbon shape in the back for a sweet puffy butt bow with perfect tails. 

Belt Sizing:

  • The sash is extra long for tying a bow but we are still offering multiple sizes for your comfort. The Belt consists of 3 sections: Two tails (82”/208cm together) and the front pleated section which is the piece that changes length with the different sizes. 
  • The recommended underbust is based on how the seams from the front to the tails will hit your body. You don’t want it too short so they show in front of the body or too long so they mess up your bow tying. If you plan to use this for another place on you (E.g. waist) use that measurement.
  • If you are in between or close to in between sizes, you can decide if you would like it to have longer or shorter tails on the bow!

See the size chart for more specifics but S is recommended for Promenade Gown sizes A-D, M for D-H, and L for I-K

Fit: The belt ties around just under your bust. Depending on your body type you may prefer to pin it, sew it to the gown, or use it as is.

What was the design process?

  • The Promenade Gowns are fabricated with love in California. We have meticulously hand-picked the fabric, designed, prototyped, and oversaw the patterns for these bloomers. We take pride in working with local artists when our products allow for such collaboration.

Care Instructions: 

  • The sash is silk and should be dry or spot cleaned. A small swatch of fabric will be provided so you can test detergent.
  • Dry Cleaning is preferable, but careful hand washing can be done. 

Additional Notes:

  • The silk in the sash has been updated to a dupioni, see photos for comparison.